Tatiana H

Guadalupe Abbud is an exceptional real estate agent like no other, to say the least. Words fail to describe the relationship she has built with us since our first meeting in early September.

We met by accident while looking at a house in the Heritage neighborhood in Austin, TX. Immediately, she became concerned with our needs and started searching for options to fit our needs.

She bravely and with a smile knocked at other rental units in the neighborhood to see the situation for renting, to help us buy a rental property; she called the city about building permits, etc. At that same day of our meeting, 9/11/2016, she visited our house to see our situation and determine our needs for a new house and rental units to sustain us. Always, she kept in mind our needs.

Her approach, of finding the right “dream” house for her clients, is unbeatable and requires great perception.

Guadalupe showed us houses for sale and took us to several of them to determine whether they answered our needs. She took several steps further to uncover houses that were taken off the market and contacted the owners. By doing so, we discovered our “DREAM HOME.”

Her experience and intuition led her to discover what we needed.

But that was not enough, because she negotiated efficiently with the owner a price and way of payment that was reasonable and within our budget, by owner financing.

She knows more than any real estate agent would know beyond the real estate business, and that is why she could help us with her knowledge and connections with banks, financing advice, etc.

However, Guadalupe’s best secret in real estate business is that she builds RELATIONSHIPS. Indeed, we became like one family, and she learned in depth about our needs and interests to find the right properties for living and investment. Always cordial and sunny, she empowers her clients and gives them hope, and not despair.

She builds relationships with other brokers, with management companies, and with the sellers to make the right connection and negotiations between the parties.

Even when we almost lost the investment property of our desire, she continued the relationship with the other side and persevered so that when the first buyers decided to withdraw from the deal, we jumped right into it and got the property.

It was simply a miracle to close on the deal, at a time when there were no other investment properties that we could afford. Guadalupe kept “the candle of hope burning.”

Guadalupe Abbud is more than a real estate agent! She has earned the right to be a member of our family. I would say that she could run a real estate agency on her own and could teach other real estate agents how to take care of their clients and find them their “dream house.”

-Tatiana H

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