Ron H

Guadalupe Abbud is far and away the best realtor that I have ever encountered, worked with, or even heard about, and we’ve encountered a bunch in the last year.

 Meeting deadlines

She developed an accurate concept about our housing and investment needs, which avoided a lot of wasted time looking at inappropriate properties. This was important, because we were working under deadlines such as move-out deadlines and the IRS Section 1031 deadlines. We made it, with time to spare.

Out of the box thinking

She searched all of the usual places and then searched in unusual places to find our new home, even though it was not on the market and in a neighborhood that we thought we could not afford. Then she investigated nearby investment properties to find one that came literally to within .001% of our budget and the 1031 rules.

Saving us thousands of dollars

She negotiated with the sellers and their agents to get the terms that we required, which saved us tens of thousands of dollars, and then she succeeded incredibly well in keeping those terms constant while the sellers tried to cheat (sorry, but it’s hard to see the sellers’ actions in any other light). That saved us additional thousands of dollars.

Smooth title transitions

She worked with the title company closing agents to ensure smooth transitions of title and helped us to overcome serious misinformation from the 1031 intermediary (be careful with those guys).

She kept watching for loose ends to the transfer, such as escrows, utilities, insurance, taxes, repairs, management contracts, security deposits, rent pro-rations, changes of address, … the list seems endless.

And she is one of the most agreeable and pleasant people we know. Really.


So now, against all odds, we are in the real estate position that we dreamed about, and we feel that we owe it all to Guadalupe.

-Ron H


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